Welcome to SSI Environmental

SSI Environmental are celebrating 25 years in business


SSI Environmental was founded in 1996 specialising initially in the area of Oil & Chemical spill response and containment. In more recent times the company has identified with additional environmental concerns in relation to contamination from Sediment & Silt.

With our customer base having grown substantially over the years it has become our goal to be a Solutions focused and Solutions driven organisation. With a range of products that lend themselves to site specific issues, SSI Environmental see themselves as a valued partner.

In addition it is a philosophy of the company to support and develop valued relationships through education and training platforms.



SSI Environmental endeavours to provide our customers with values solutions that are focused and driven through research and understanding of sensitive environmental issues.

Our goal is to continue listening and supplying a reliable and innovative service that will assist our customers in achieving their goal of implementing quality environmental best practices on all future projects.


Our vision is to build on a standard that reflects our positive commitment to our customers in delivering a quality service. As a Team Player we will look to cross boundaries in meeting the needs of these customers in a manner that demonstrates integrity and respect.

We will exhibit a strong will and enthusiasm to win in the market place and hold ourselves accountable on delivery. We value people and community and will encourage development in any process that is mutually beneficially to all parties involved.