BIOVERSAL HC merchandise harmonizes effortlessly with the natural world and the environment:

For over two decades, Bioversal International has been at the forefront of providing top-notch environmental safety solutions. Their diverse product range includes fire-fighting foams, ecological oil spill clean-up products, and industrial cleaning agents.

Additionally, they offer a variety of treatments for oil spills on water surfaces, polluted soil, and aquifers, as well as innovative solutions for oil and water treatment.

Bioversal takes pride in its biodegradable clean-up products specifically designed for marine environments. These eco-friendly solutions not only perform excellently but also take into account environmental impact by using natural, plant-derived raw materials.

Remarkably, none of their product components include potentially harmful chemicals, making them exempt from labeling and classification according to GHS & EC Directive 1907 / 2006, Article 31 (REACH).

One of their standout offerings is the EFC solution. This eco-foam concentrate enhances bioremediation processes for high ppm oil emulsions in water and technical water treatment facilities, by stimulating naturally occurring oxygenation processes.

Bioversal’s QF formula boasts an impressive list of international safety and performance certifications, ensuring its effectiveness in various scenarios, such as fire-fighting exercises, 3D Jet Engine rescue operations, and more.

With a focus on efficiency and safety, Bioversal’s solutions are regularly implemented in sewage plants, biological water treatment facilities, and offshore fire-fighting applications, making them a preferred choice for many.

Their commitment to continuous improvement is evident in their adherence to ISO9001 Quality Management System requirements, making them well-equipped to handle hydrocarbons effectively and responsibly.

Bioversal’s eco-foam encapsulator, the QF solution, stands out as a multi-purpose firefighting foam with aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) capabilities, offering superior 3D fire knock-down performance.

Furthermore, their QF-R variant, optimized for fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems, ensures readiness with ready-to-use water-based premixes, or wet chemicals for static or mobile fire extinguishing systems.

Regarding oil spill clean-up agents, Bioversal’s RC eco-cleaner is highly efficient on solid surfaces like asphalt and concrete, effectively reducing VOC emissions without creating oil and water emulsions.

Their HC solution, designed for sensitive ecosystems, accelerates the biodegradation process of treated and encapsulated oil in the soil, water surfaces, and aquifers. This gentle yet effective anti-pollution agent minimizes dispersion in the water column to protect the environment.

In response to the success of their HC biotechnology, Bioversal has developed additional product derivatives like HC-SoilteQ for weathered oil pollution treatment in soil matrixes and HC-Pump & Treat for oil pollution treatment in soil matrixes and aquifers.

The company’s dedication to environmental safety extends to its ManteQ range of high-performance industrial oil-cleaning agents, ensuring optimal performance across different temperature and water pressure conditions.


 The objective is to foster and promote the global adoption of “ECO Active” cleansing solutions, fire-fighting foams, and cutting-edge TwinReactor systems for water purification, wherever organic pollutions are present or anticipated.


Mission Statement:

Bioversal International aims to establish an expansive global distribution network in collaboration with approved partners, ensuring widespread access to cost-effective ECO foams and ECO cleaners worldwide.


 The strategic approach involves positioning Bioversal products as the “A brand” in the market.  shall engage with key players in various market segments, leveraging a robust distribution network. Furthermore, we’ll forge connections with governmental departments and directly interact with significant end-users.

Market Segments:

  1. Fire & Eco-hazard Control
  2. Industrial Cleaning
  3. Automotive Industry
  4. Water Treatment / Soil Treatment
  5. Consumer Market