BIO TUBES- Oil Separator Bioremediation

Forecourt and industrial separators accumulate oil from spills and contaminated rain and cleaning water run-offs.

Separators must be cleaned out regularly to prevent the discharge of unacceptable oily effluent to drains and to remove silt deposits. At sites susceptible to overloading the separator oil capacity, the danger of exceeding discharge consents can only be avoided by increasing clean-out routines. A practice that is time consuming and costly.

The Solution

Use a biologically active oil absorbent – placed directly
in the separator – that:-

  • Reduces the volume of oil retained.
  • Reduces the risk of unacceptable oily effluent discharges and subsequent environmental damage.
  • Reduces effluent BOD and COD levels


A unique, patented biological product from SSI Environmental that provides the above benefits. Bio Tubes absorb oil from the surface of the separator chamber. Each Bio Tube contains oil specific bacteria that digest oil at a rate of 2 Kg per week. The digestion oxidises the oil into carbon dioxide and water.

Bio Tubes are simple to use and remain active for 6-8 months. They are entirely free of constituents likely to contaminate the discharge effluent.

Independent tests have shown that the regular use of Bio Tubes results in a 33% reduction in waste oil and a 90%+ reduction in diesel, without the creation of harmful by-products. It was also demonstrated that oil discharges were reduced from 500mg/L to 19mg/L.

How to use Bio Tubes:

  • Place 3 Bio Tubes in the separator after a routine clean-out. (For traditional three chamber separators place 2 Bio Tubes in the second chamber and 1 in the third.)


OECD 301F and UK Environmental Agency studies.

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