WYK Safety Sorbent, universal granular sorbent/anti-slip has been the choice of response and cleanup professional across the USA since 1967!

WYK Sorbents have been in commercial use for over 48 Years! When you need it completely cleaned up fast, choose WYK, your only source for 100% pure volcanic ash, no fillers or clay’s.

Safe to Use In Your Facilities

WYK Safety Sorbent & Anti-Slip Agent properly applied as an anti-slip compound will not become airborne or cause nu-sightly conditions. When used to clean up liquids It’s FAST! Not a “sit & soak” compound. Apply it to the spilled liquids and sweep up! You have a dry, clean floor. This good housekeeping will pay off with improved employee morale and reduced insurance costs due to lower slip accident cases.

Anti-Slip Applications

WYK Safety Sorbent & Anti-Slip Agent, for use where slippery conditions exist. A light coating (Salt & Pepper) on slippery ramps, docks, stairs, trailers and in cold storage floors will provide traction on wet, icy, oily floor surfaces.
These slippery conditions are often caused by condensate forming when temperature changes occur. Protect your employees, visitors from slip accidents and help material handling equipment like fork lifts and pallet jacks stay on course.

Spill Cleanup Applications

WYK Safety Sorbent & Anti-Slip Agent is a fantastic sorbent for all kinds of liquids spills and drips. WYK Safety Sorbent & Anti-Slip Agent, For use on all liquids from Oils to Water or chemicals. It’s inert, non-biodegradable, completely natural ingredients in use since 1967, works particularly well on heavy, thick viscous liquids like paint and gear oil. (except HF hydrofluoric acid).

Tried & Tested

WYK Safety Sorbent & Anti-Slip Agent has been used on just about every liquid you can think of. It has been laboratory tested on over many different types of liquids for capacity, compatibility and performance.

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