Lemsolve – Solvent Based Degreaser

The effective cleaning of equipment, storage tanks etc., heavily contaminated with oil, wax or grease requires a cleaning solution with exceptional solvency. As this type of cleaning agent is commonly applied manually, the use of a product with a minimal Occupational Exposure limit is essential.

The Solution

Use a cleaning agent that:

  • Removes heavy oil, wax and grease contamination quickly and effectively.
  • Is water rinseable
  • Contains no constituents that require an Occupational Exposure Standard (OES)


A unique cleaning solvent from SSI Environmental that leaves surfaces free from contamination simply by application, contact and rinsing with water. Lemsolv Industrial contains natural citrus oils to which biodegradable and performance enhancing solvents are added. The solution penetrates and cleans the heaviest deposits of smoke, fire and oil contamination quickly and safely.

How to use Lemsolv Industrial:

  • Use as required – either as a contact, dip, immersion, brush or spray-on cleaner.
  • For surface cleaning, apply undiluted to the contaminated area and allow a contact time of 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with water.
  • For tank cleaning, use as a spray-on cleaner and increase the contact time to between 30 and 120 minutes (as time allows) before rinsing.
  • For best result use hot water (60-80°C) to rinse
  • Transfer oily water residue to slop tank for treatment

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