M & B Oils Limited is an established asphalt release agent business based in Devon, UK.
Stand as a premier provider of bitumen cleaners in the industry. With diesel and numerous other corrosive substances facing bans as release agents and cleaners, non-corrosive and biodegradable vehicle cleaners step up to fill the void. Based in Devon, reputation as a specialist biodegradable release agent business is the result of unwavering commitment to testing and refining products. Moreover, customers’ high satisfaction and unwavering loyalty have contributed to success over the years.

M&B Oils’ asphalt release agents offer the perfect solution in preventing the sticking of asphalt to many types of equipment and machinery; from haulage truck beds, pneumatic rollers and paving machines to the elementary wheelbarrow, shovel and rake. We have a suitable release agent for any application. Our t-99 asphalt release agent, machinery cleaner and tool cleaner is 100% environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.

M & B Oils Ltd