Diamix is a versatile absorbent for effective removal of oil, grease, water, solvents, chemicals and other liquids on solid surfaces. It absorbs and neutralizes toxic, flammable and explosive materials and wastes and is safe (chemically inert). Diamix thanks to a special grinding method the dust ability is very low. It is a fast acting with excellent absorption properties. For example in case the leakage of oil it absorbs oil first before water. The spill will also be slip resistant. Diamix is Type III R approved by MPA (Materialprüfungsamt) which means that in may be used on public roads. Packaging: Absorbent can be supplied in polypropylene bags of 10 kg and 20 kg, 10 kg of plastic buckets at request big-bags of 400 kg.


•      High absorption capacity.

•      High strength granules. Bulk density and grain size are  specially pre-set

•      Chemical inertness. Long shelf life

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