Spill Containment by SSI Environmental

Spill containment systems by SSI Environmental is an eco-friendly way to contain chemicals, sewage spills and various oils within a physical barrier or drainage system than that of being absorbed at the surface. It uses spill kits that have a decent capacity, but require disposal post usage and the spilled liquid cannot be recycled

It is important to install containment measures before the spill actually happens. This can not only significantly save clean up costs, but also other costs impacted by the local regulations

A wide range of products are available at SSI Environmental, Some of them are as follows :
Collapsible Containment Berm ,Covered IBC bund, Covered Spill Pallets, Hard, Cover Spill Pallet, IBC Pallet, Spill Pallets, Spill Trays, Pop Up Pools, Plant Nappy, Spill Decks


What is Chemical Spill Control?

Chemical spill control is more than just stopping a spill from spreading. It also involves properly storing and handling containers and drums that hold oil, chemicals, or other dangerous liquids. There are cost-effective solutions available for dealing with chemical spills, such as spill kits that can be customized to fit specific needs. Additionally, there are products like chemical spill trays and storage cabinets designed to help with spill containment.

Why is Spill Control Important?

Spill control products are essential for preventing pollution of the air, soil, and water by hazardous materials, especially liquids. Secondary containment systems are used to catch any spills that may occur, ensuring that the entire volume of the spilled liquid is contained until it can be cleaned up. This helps to minimize the impact of spills and reduce the risk to people, the environment, and property. Storage units like safety cabinets, spill pallets, and drum storage units are available for safely storing and containing flammable and hazardous liquids.

Types of Spill Control Products

There are various spill control products available, including spill bunds, cabinets, and accessories in different styles and sizes. These products are designed to help contain and control spills, making cleanup easier and preventing harm to the environment and individuals.

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