Stop erosion and reduce runoff at construction sites and surrounding areas

Erosion is a common challenge on construction sites. Without grass, bushes, trees or other vegetation to anchor the soil, running rainwater can very quickly cut its way through open areas taking the soil with it.

Ultra-Erosion Guard

The Ultra-Erosion Guard was designed to prevent this. By placing the unit in ditches, gullies and other areas where water has the potential to drain through, the Erosion Guard reduces the water’s velocity and filters out sand and sediment, keeping it in place and preventing it from getting washed away.

Ultra Erosion Guard

Ultra Erosion Guard

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, compact silt control device – easily stored and transported.
  • Heavy-duty steel springs instantly expand when needed.
  • 100% polyester fabric (green mesh) reduces runoff flow velocity and retains silt.
  • Durable polypropylene (black skirt) helps hold the unit in place with dirt, rocks, or stakes.
  • Quick and easy installation – no post digging or trenching required.
  • Versatile – units can be clipped together to create longer lengths as needed.
  • Applications include: construction site erosion control, storm channels, check dams, ditches and silt control on slopes.


    Question 1.

    Q.: What is the UltraTech Erosion Guard and how does it work? A.: The UltraTech Erosion Guard is a sediment control device that helps prevent soil erosion by reducing water flow velocity and filtering out sediment. It is placed in areas like ditches and gullies to stabilize the soil and keep sand and sediment in place.

    Question 2.

    Q.: What are the main features of the UltraTech Erosion Guard? A.: Key features include its lightweight, compact design, durable polyester fabric, easy installation with no digging required, and its ability to be clipped together for extended lengths. It is suitable for various applications including construction sites and storm channels.

    Question 3.

    Q.: How is the UltraTech Erosion Guard installed? A.: Installation is simple: place the guard where water flows, let it expand using its steel springs, and secure it with dirt, rocks, or stakes if needed. No digging or trenching is required.

    Question 4.

    Q.: When should the UltraTech Erosion Guard be used? A.: Use the Erosion Guard at construction sites, in storm channels, check dams, or on slopes to control erosion and manage sediment. It’s effective wherever water runoff and soil stabilization are concerns.

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