OT8 – Biological Oil Stain Remover

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The removal of oil stains at refineries, oil storage depots, factories and other locations can be extremely difficult. The use of traditional degreasers usually leads to spreading of oil stains or high oil discharge levels.

Why choose OT8?

  • 1 . One of the most effective products on the market: 100% product satisfaction guaranteed
  • 2 . Quick and easy: supplied ready to use and works in minutes!
  • 3 . Non-toxic and low hazard: for the user and the environment
  • 4 . VOC free: non-flammable and will not contribute to climate change
  • 5 . Readily biodegradable: 61% BOD/COD
  • 6 . Versatile: suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces, indoors and outdoors
  • 7 . Trusted: used by many companies and satisfied customers for over twenty years
  • 8 . Environmentally friendly: biological and biodegradable
  • 9 . New improved formulation! Reformulated for improved effectiveness and reduced hazard profile.

Now you can see OT8 in action for yourself!

The Solution

Use a biological oil stain remover that:-

  • Digests and removes oil stains quickly
  • Penetrates and lifts oil from porous surfaces effectively.
  • Is without risk to the environment

OT8A unique biological product from SSI Environmental that contains biodegradable surfactants to release oil stains from even the most porous surfaces and enzymes and bacteria to digest the released oil – even from the water used for rinsing.

How to use OT8:

  • 1 litre of OT8 is sufficient to treat 1-2 square metres of oil contamination,depending on surface porosity
  • Shake the container before use to put the bacteria into suspension.
  • Lightly wet the contaminated area with water and pour OT8 across the oil stain.
  • Brush OT8 into the oil stain for 1-2 minutes, until the solution changes colour from white to chocolate brown.
  • Leave for 20-30 minutes to soak in, then rinse off with water.
  • Repeat if ingrained oil comes to the surface due to OT8’s biological activity.


OT8 is not suitable for use on Tarmac surfaces. Here BIO TA, our tarmac cleaner, offers outstanding results.OT8 meets pr EN858 definition of being separator friendly when used at 4% or less.


OT8 is registered in Germany as an environmentally acceptable cleaning agent with the Umwelt Bundes Amt (No. 3406-0001).

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