Industrial Absorbent Diamax

Industrial absorbent Diamax is a natural, high quality, granulated mineral product of beige colour with a very high absorbent capacity. It can be used for all absorption tasks on any solid surfaces.

Absorbent is low in dust, chemically neutral, non-combustible and non-toxic. Oil products, water chemicals and other kinds of liquids on any solid surface are instantly absorbed and retaiined inside its poeous structure.


  • Oil companies (mining transpoortation and processing)
  • Chemical companies
  • Equipment manufacture and maintenance companies
  • Motor transport companies and service stations
  • Railway stations & blocks
  • Emergency organistaions
  • Fuel & filling stations
  • Boiler stations, central heating and power plants
  • Emergency response
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Housing associations and community amenities
  • Construction orgaisations and private households


  • High absorption capacity
  • High strength granules
  • Bulk density and grain size are specially pre-set
  • Chemical inertnes
  • Long shelf life

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