GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent made from?

The material is a thermal-set plastic made from a phenolic resin compound with an open cell matrix. Is the Product Hydrophobic or Hydrophilic? Green Stuff™ Absorbent products are hydrophilic. This means GREEN STUFF™ will absorb water-based liquids and hydrocarbon-based liquids.


  • Is GREEN STUFF™ an absorbent or an adsorbent?


GREEN STUFF™ is technically an adsorbent. A true absorbent is a material that swells up when it absorbs a liquid (such as super absorbent polymers found in diapers.) A true adsorbent is a fiber material that the absorbed liquid clings to (like clay type oil dry.) GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent has an open cell structure that does not swell as liquid is absorbed into it.


  • What type of liquids can GREEN STUFF™ absorb?


GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent can absorb virtually ANY chemical except cyanide solutions, decomposable peroxides, and concentrated nitric acid. GREEN STUFF™ can absorb any viscosity liquid from thick sludge and paint to light solvents and water. GREEN STUFF™ will absorb hydrofluoric acid and is also particularly effective in absorbing body fluids.


  • How much liquid will GREEN STUFF™ absorb?


GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent products will typically absorb up to 15 times its own weight, but this amount can vary depending on the viscosity and weight of the liquid. A good rule to follow is 2 pounds of GREEN STUFF™ to 1 gallon of liquid. A clay-type product (like kitty litter or Oil Dry) takes up to 25 pounds to absorb
1 gallon of liquid.


  • How fast does GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent absorb liquid?


Independent tests have shown GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent to be the fastest absorbent on the market. Tests were conducted on a variety of liquids and viscosities including gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, paint
and water.


  • Why is fast absorbency important?


The most important reason is SAFETY. The quicker a spill can be contained and absorbed, the less chance of physical harm or environmental contamination. Also, it takes fewer man-hours to handle a spill, which reduces total cleanup costs.


  • Why is GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent’s lightweight beneficial?


GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent’s lightweight and high absorbency combine to reduce the amount of waste generated, thereby dramatically reducing disposal cost. It can also reduce physical stress to the end user due to the lower weight needed to handle a spill. Fifteen (15) pounds of GREEN STUFF™ is the equivalent of 187 pounds of clay-type products.


  • Because GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent is so lightweight, won’t I have problems using it in windy conditions?


Most highly absorbent products are lightweight and will have some dusting including GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent. The difference is that GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent will absorb liquid on contact, become heavier, and not blow away. Even heavier absorbents like clay products have 20-25% fine particles that include silica dust, which is a known cancer-causing carcinogen.


  • Can GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent be land filled?


Yes. GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent passes all EPA tests for both non-hazardous and hazardous landfills.
GREEN STUFF™ is non-biodegradable and will not leach out any hazardous chemicals into a landfill.


  • Can GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent be incinerated?


Yes. GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent can be incinerated and, with post incineration ash content of less than 5%,
there is less ash to send to a landfill after incineration.


  • Can GREEN STUFF™ Absorbent be fuel-blended?


Yes. GREEN STUFF™ will allow fuel blending of many waste streams previously deemed unacceptable due
to the absorbent used which have little or no BTU content and cannot be fuel blended.

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