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Protect the water system from sediment and pollutants with Drain Guard catch basin inserts

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The Ultra-Drain Guard is engineered to filter storm water waste before it becomes a problem in the water system. As a storm drain filter, it removes contaminants like litter, sand, and oil from storm water flow. Its geotextile fabric and easy installation makes it ideal for industrial facilities, construction sites, and parking lots where storm water runoff is likely to carry oil, eroded soil, debris, and fuel contaminants from cars.

The Importance of Drain Protection

Unfiltered stormwater runoff can introduce a wide range of contaminants into our water systems, leading to pollution and environmental damage. SSI Environmental’s Drain Guard is designed to address this issue by efficiently removing pollutants from stormwater flow, ensuring cleaner and healthier water systems.


Exceeds 80% sediment removal efficiency. Helps comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) when used as Best Management Practice in Storm water Pollution Prevention Plans.



Easily installed in most drains. To do it, simply raise the grate, place the Drain Guard over the opening, and carefully lower the grate back in place. As a final step, pinch the fabric in place to keep it secure.

The Drain Guard Has Several Models :

Oil & Sediment Model (Part # 9217/9356) – removes up to .87 gallons of hydrocarbons as well as dirt, sand and other contaminants.

Oil & Sediment Plus Model (Part # 9219/9358) – the addition of Ultra-X-Tex filter strips increases oil and grease absorption by .51 gallons, offering a total capacity of 1.38 gallons of hydrocarbon removal.

Trash & Debris Model (Part # 9227) – designed specifically to catch larger items and floatables like leaves, cigarette butts and paper goods.

 How much water can the Ultra-Drain Guard handle?
The Ultra-Drain Guard starts at 90 gpm/ft2 flow rate, but it’s equipped with overflow ports to handle up to 770 gpm. This prevents flooding during heavy rain, though overflow water remains untreated.

 Does this product work with synthetic oils?

The needle-punched geotextile material efficiently absorbs synthetic oils, while the Ultra-Filter-Tex material is specialized for hydrocarbon absorption and excludes synthetics. This design difference ensures optimal performance based on liquid type.

 How long will a Ultra-Drain Guard last?
Predicting the precise lifespan of an Ultra-Drain Guard post-installation is complex due to various influencing factors. Rainfall, pollutant exposure, and other elements impact its longevity. Regular inspections after significant rain events are advised for performance assessment. Test units in Seattle and Florida remained effective over a year after installation.

 Can the Ultra-Drain Guard be reused?
In general, yes. The Ultra-Drain Guard can be taken out, emptied, and reinstalled if filled with sand, silt, and sediment, or if debris needs removal. However, if saturated with oil or hydrocarbons, replacement is advised due to potential pollutants flushing during heavy rain.

 Are Ultra-Drain Guards difficult to install?
The trickiest aspect of Ultra-Drain Guard installation is often dealing with the catch basin’s hefty grating. These sizable grates can be cumbersome to lift or shift, suggesting a need for an extra pair of hands. Otherwise, the rest of the installation is swift and simple.

 What are the straps sewn into the top of the Ultra-Drain Guard used for?
The straps help remove a full Ultra-Drain Guard from the catch basin. Loop the four straps through the drain’s grating before lifting it. Insert a rod through each set of straps. When the grate lifts, the Ultra-Drain Guard lifts too, avoiding drops.

 Do I have to trim the skirt after I’ve installed the Ultra-Drain Guard?
Excess material can be trimmed after placing the grate, but it’s not obligatory. Leaving it has benefits—it acts as a “pre-filter,” capturing pollutants before reaching the Ultra-Drain Guard. Plus, if reusing the guard is likely, extra material aids reinstallation. For trimming, use heavy-duty scissors or a utility knife.

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