While there is no direct instruction for Logistic companies to have spill kits on their delivery vehicles, one does need to ask what contingencies are in place should there be an incident involving a release of contaminants. Guidelines are in place for spill kits in all other locations such as warehouses, production areas, civil engineering work sites, inland river & marina sites along with a multiple of others.

Having easy access to materials that contribute to the containment and clean up of spilled materials is seen as a minimum when looking at contingencies.

Having clear, accessible and visible evidence of such materials demonstrates a willingness to conform to best practices. Consideration needs to be given to the products being transported as this will play a deciding factor on the types of materials used, examples would be oil or chemicals. SDS sheets will be beneficial in making decisions on this.

Contents – Mounted container, Absorbent socks & pads, Safety Sorbent, Road Bio, Hazardous waste bag.

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