Exploring Effective  Spill Trays Containment Solutions with SSI Environmental

In the realm of spill management, SSI Environmental brings you a range of top-notch Spill Trays designed to tackle spills and prevent environmental hazards. These spill containment trays are engineered for efficiency, ease of maintenance, and versatile applications. Let’s dive into the details of these essential spill management tools.

SSI Environmental’s Commitment to Spill Containment

At SSI Environmental, we understand the significance of containing spills promptly and effectively. Our Spill Trays offer a robust solution for various spill scenarios, ensuring a safe and clean environment.

Spill Tray with 28ltr Capacity – TT28: Compact and Efficient

The TT28 Spill Tray stands as a testament to efficiency in spill containment. With a generous 28-liter capacity, this spill tray is perfect for general housekeeping and controlling minor spills. Crafted from durable black polyethylene, it’s both sturdy and easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

When it comes to larger containers and storage needs, the TTXL Spill Tray steps in. Boasting a substantial 30-liter capacity and measuring 1200mm in length, this black polyethylene tray provides ample room for container storage. It’s a versatile addition to any workspace, enhancing spill control while accommodating larger equipment.

For those requiring an excellent liquid dispensing work area, the TT65 Spill Tray is a reliable choice. Its compact design ensures easy maintenance and cleaning, while the 65-liter capacity is ideal for managing spills during liquid dispensation tasks. With this spill tray, efficiency and safety go hand in hand.

When versatility is key, the TTS Spill Tray excels. Its 45-liter capacity, combined with a lightweight yet durable polyethylene construction, makes it suitable for a wide range of liquids. From workshops to industrial settings, this spill tray provides a dependable solution for spill containment.

 Embrace Efficient Spill Management with SSI Environmental

No matter the scale or type of spill, SSI Environmental’s Spill Trays offer a comprehensive solution. From compact spill trays for quick cleanups to larger ones accommodating storage needs, our range ensures you’re equipped to handle spills effectively.