Founded as Upright Inc., a renowned player in the food and meat processing domain, WYK Sorbents, LLC has safeguarded workers since 1967 with its slip-resistant and absorbent solutions. In 1987, Upright ventured into the Industrial sector, channeling two decades of expertise to craft the comprehensive WYK Universal (Chemical) Sorbents, WYK Oil Selective Sorbents, and WYK Facility Maintenance Sorbents. Later, in 2005, Upright Inc. underwent a transformation, reemerging as WYK Sorbents, LLC.

WYK Sorben

WYK Sorbents caters to a spectrum of concerns, from hazardous and aggressive fluids to oils and water, proficiently addressing everyday needs and tackling challenging and critical applications with equal competence. The company firmly upholds stringent quality control and customer service standards, priding itself on delivering top-notch assistance. motto, ETDBW (Easy To Do Business With), reflects a commitment to exceptional service.