A containment boom element, BARRACUDA is intended to fight the spread of oil pollution in sea or river areas. More generally, this floating boom can be used in :

  • Estuaries,
  • Harbours,
  • Open coastal waters
  • River areas

A floating containment boom

The BARRACUDA oil spill boom can allow you to perform several operations: close an area, contain an oil slick or divert a slick.

It consists of independent foam plate floats. These supporting elements are extended to obtain the draught and ballasted by a chain along its entire length that’s either visible or in sleeves, depending on the version. To set it up, you only need to connect the other elements, as required, and place it in the water.

The BARRACUDA boom comes with a towing system. Thanks the division of the foam into compartments, it is highly flexible allowing it to follow the movements of the surface of the water and thus retain its equilibrium position. This oil spill boom is designed to withstand the marine environment, bad weather, the sun and a high humidity environment. This floating oil spill boom is highly resistant to tears and towing. It also offers high resistance to hydrocarbons, fats (oils, lubricants, etc.) and virtually all industrial chemicals.

Question 1.
Q.: What is the Barracuda Oil Spill Boom and what are its primary uses?
A.: The Barracuda Oil Spill Boom is a floating containment device designed to manage and contain oil spills in various aquatic environments. It is used to close off areas, contain oil slicks, or divert them away from sensitive regions. This boom is suitable for use in estuaries, harbours, open coastal waters, and river areas.

Question 2.
Q.: How does the Barracuda Oil Spill Boom work?
A.: The Barracuda Oil Spill Boom operates by floating on the surface of the water and creating a barrier to prevent the spread of oil pollution. It consists of independent foam plate floats connected by a chain that is either visible or encased in sleeves. The boom’s flexibility allows it to follow water movements, ensuring it maintains its equilibrium position. It also features a towing system for easy deployment.

Question 3.
Q.: What materials and features make the Barracuda Boom durable and effective?
A.: The Barracuda Boom is constructed from materials that are highly resistant to environmental stresses. It is designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, including high humidity, sunlight, and adverse weather. The boom’s resistance extends to tears, towing forces, and various hydrocarbons, oils, lubricants, and industrial chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Question 4.
Q.: How should the Barracuda Oil Spill Boom be installed and maintained?
A.: Installation of the Barracuda Oil Spill Boom involves connecting the individual elements as needed and placing the boom into the water. Regular maintenance includes checking for any damage or wear, ensuring that all components are intact, and confirming that the towing system functions properly. The boom should be inspected frequently, especially after deployment, to maintain its effectiveness.

Question 5.
Q.: Where can one purchase or inquire about the Barracuda Oil Spill Boom?
A.: Interested parties can inquire about the Barracuda Oil Spill Boom or make a purchase by contacting SSI Environmental. They can reach the company at 01 8665676 or 087-9367065. Alternatively, inquiries can be made through the contact form available on their website, SSI Environmental.

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