Drain Cover for Fast Response

Where a fast response to protect a drain is required the SSI Drain Cover Ireland is the ideal option. Made from laminated polyurethane construction, with the underside remaining malleable.


This manhole cover is easy to deploy and is completely re-usable. It is also resistant to oils, solvents and most chemicals.

Drain Cover Ireland : available in following dimensions :

46cm x 46cm
61cm x 61cm
92cm x 92cm
107cm x 107

Next day delivery option is available for Drain covers.

Our cutting-edge Drain Cover is your ultimate solution when it comes to swift and effective drain safeguarding. Crafted with precision, this innovative cover ensures a fast response to shield drains from potential hazards.

What is a manhole cover? 

It’s a removable lid for a manhole, a hole large enough for a person to pass through. Manhole covers keep unauthorized access out and prevent accidents. They’re used to restrict entry to drainage systems and underground chambers. Typically made from sturdy materials like cast iron, ductile iron, steel, or concrete to stay in place under traffic and deter tampering.

Why Choose SSI Environmental’s Drain Cover?

At SSI Environmental, we understand the urgency of protecting drains, and that’s why our Drain Cover stands out as the top choice. Engineered using advanced laminated polyurethane construction, this cover guarantees robust performance while maintaining its malleability for easy deployment. Plus, its reusability factor ensures a sustainable approach to drain security.

Unrivaled Resilience Against Elements

Our Drain Cover is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. It’s not just a cover; it’s a shield against oils, solvents, and a multitude of chemicals. No matter what substances your environment may throw at it, this cover remains steadfast, providing unwavering protection.

  1. Drain covers are cost-effective and easy to use

You might find it pleasantly surprising just how effortlessly and straightforwardly drain covers can be employed. With an array of sizes and styles available, the majority feature a mat-like design that neatly rests over the drain, ensuring a snug fit.

Leveraging a drain cover to seal off your drainage systems unveils an impressively efficient and temporary resolution, effectively thwarting contaminants from infiltrating the stormwater network. These covers serve as an exceptional augmentation for compliance equipment within industrial facilities or construction sites, further fortifying their utility and value.

  1. Storm drain covers prevent environmental contamination

The primary objective of utilizing a drain cover resides in its fundamental role of averting potential environmental contamination. It’s crucial to recognize that any chemicals or hazardous substances that find their way down drains ultimately find a resting place—typically within the nearest body of water.

Ordinarily, rainwater traverses through drainage systems, ultimately reaching the closest lake, stream, or even the vast ocean. Regrettably, this route can also allow various other pollutants to accompany it, culminating in an unwelcome presence within these waterways. This unsettling reality poses a considerable threat to the vitality of aquatic ecosystems and their intricate web of plant and animal life.

By conscientiously taking the initiative to employ drain covers, you are actively engaging in a straightforward yet highly impactful measure to counteract environmental contamination resulting from the chemicals your business employs. This small but significant step underscores your commitment to preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems and the well-being of our planet.

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