What are floating silt curtains?

Floating silt curtains are designed to control and manage sediment flow within water. In brief, floating silt curtains consist of a top flotation pocket using an environmentally safe and 100% recyclable closed cell foam. In addition to foam buoyancy we can manufacture our PVC range of silt curtains to be air filled.

Definition of a Silt Curtain :

 A temporary sediment barrier installed parallel to the bank of a stream or lake. Used to contain and manage the sediment produced by civil construction operations in close proximity to streams and lakes.

SILT CURTAINS create a flexible, water permeable barrier that extends downwards in the body of water, where it is typically anchored or weighted to prevent the silt from moving.

Silt Curtains create a limited area for the silt to settle, allowing most areas to remain unaffected by silt.

SSI Environmental can supply and offer advice in relation to suitability and installation where necessary. It is our goal to respond as quickly as possible pending on information supplied and qualified.


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