Drain security refers to the process of preventing unwanted substances from entering and polluting the water system through the drainage system. These substances can vary from storm waste to harmful chemicals, solvents and oil.

There is a range of different products which can be used to implement drain security. These products include,

Drain Guard

Ultra-Drain Guard is predominantly used to filter storm waste and prevent substances like storm water, oil and litter from entering the water system. They are usually installed inside most drains and are particularly useful in locations such as car parks, construction sites and industrial facilities where substances such as fuel contaminants, oil and eroded soil are likely to enter the water system. SSI offer Ultra-Drain Guard in a range of models, which specialise in filtering different substances.

The models available are as follows: Oil & Sediment Model (Part # 9217/9356), Oil & Sediment Plus Model (Part # 9219/9358) and Trash & Debris Model(Part # 9227).

Drain Covers

SSI Drain Blocker is used when a drain requires immediate protection. It is a large laminated polyurethane construction sheet which is placed over the drain to prevent any substances from entering. It is highly effective and resistant to solvents, oils and most chemicals.

Spill Barriers

Spill Barriers are most effective when urgent action is required to prevent harmful substances entering the water system through the drainage system. This is often in the event of an oil spill.  They work by containing a spillage to one place and preventing the spread of harmful substance.

The most effective product will depend on the location of the Drain and the situation at hand.



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