Hycell is a cellular matrix of interconnecting polymer strips that form pockets to locate and strengthen the fill material. The polymer strips confine the filling material and significantly improve tensile strength to very effectively increase the shear resistance and cohesion of the fill.

Tree Root Protection

Hycell provides a flexible and permeable solution for protecting tree roots, creating a robust and stable platform for constructing vehicular access paths within the root protection area of existing trees without damaging the roots. The cellular structure and perforated cell walls of Hycell, reduces the vertical load pressure on sub soils to tree roots and prevents damage. With clean granular materials as infill air and moisture can reach the roots to encourage healthy prolonged growth. With no-dig solutions being the preferred option, Hycell, combined with a base layer of Terralys LF16/16 separator geotextile, is ideal as only the surface vegetation need be removed. As well as avoiding disruption to the roots this reduces construction times and costs as well as controlling surface rutting to increase the long-term performance and aesthetics of the final surface.

Hycell Details

Hycell is supplied in flat perforated panels which, when expanded on site, provide 24m² of ground cover. Using this inexpensive system it is possible to reduce foundation stone thickness by up to 50%. Laid over steep slopes the polymer strips provide a tensile force effectively increasing the cohesion of the material and acting as mini-weirs to reduce run-off and soil loss. Fixing pins are required at a rate of 20 to 45 per panel depending on conditions.

 Hy-Pave Heavy

Hy-Pave Heavy is a strong versatile ground paver tile designed for HGV use. The interlocking pavers can withstand weight of up to 40 tonnes and can be filled with either grass or gravel infill.

SuDS compliant and specifically designed to allow water to drain away whilst special pockets retain some water. This prevents grass from getting waterlogged and helps prevent grass from dying through lack of water.

Hy-Pave Heavy is the ideal heavy duty paver for permanent and overspill coach or HGV parking applications. This product is easy to install and offers significant savings over conventional cast concrete systems. Hy-Pave Heavy has both high compressive strength and high shear strength which enables the tiles to withstand much higher loading, accelerating, braking and turning forces than other heavy duty pavers. The textured surface allows for improved grip and as a result improves user safety.


We provide a range of high quality and affordable rubber grass matting and outdoor field mats. They cover any area size and are ideal for many external uses including outdoor playground matting.

RubbaGrass® rubber grass matting can be placed over existing grass areas and acts as a very cost effective safety surface and excellent product to use for protecting a natural environment.

RubbaGrass® is also simple to install and requires very little preparation. No costly base works are needed as required for conventional rubber play tiles or rubber wet pour. An environmentally friendly solution for grassed areas and ideal for Fitness/fun trials, Swings, Cableways, Multi-functional play frames and pathways.

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