Clearway Concentrate is a patented formula which not only kills mould, algae and moss but keeps surfaces free of re-growth for many months, and in certain cases, many years. This improves surface safety and appearance while reducing the frequency of cleaning surfaces of growth, thus cutting retreatment time and costs.

Clearway is used on all hard and fabric surfaces and has never been known to cause damage to any surface type. With biodegradability surpassing EU standards, there is a minimal environmental footprint compared to aggressive cleaners such as bleaches and acids, and our packaging is fully recyclable. Clearway Concentrate complies full with the EU Biocidal Products Directive, REACH and has HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Certification. Used extensively by both homeowners and the leading companies within the industrial sector, Clearway Concentrate is the safer, more environmentally friendlier and cost effective way to overcome mould, algae and moss concerns.

FAQ’s – Clearway

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