Why should I use SYNERO ?

Because It’s an effective, season-long control medium for tough herbaceous weeds, invasive species and deep-rooted perennials.

Synero is a selective herbicide for controlling invasive species, scrub and deep-rooted perennials in amenity grassland areas. It contains Aminopyralid and Fluroxypyr. Good leaf coverage will enable the active ingredients in Synero to penetrate the waxy surface and move to the plant’s roots, delivering high levels of control of a wide range of invasive species
Fast acting – rain-fast in only 1 hour
Versatile – Use on amenity grassland, including; roadside verges and rail embankments
Controls difficult species – weeds such as Japanese knotweed and ragwort
Low application rate – High level of control and less product being applied.

Application rate(s) :

Weeds controlled Application Rate (One application per year)Knapsack Dilution Rate

Broad-leaved dock, curled dock, creeping thistle,
spear thistle, Japanese knotweed, common nettle, creeping buttercup,
mugwort, ragwort and bramble
10 litres per hectare 100ml in 10 litres of water

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