Booms are floating barriers used to contain aquatic spillages to reduce the possibility of oil pollution. SSI offer a range of booms to cater for a variety of different scenarios. Our products are as followed:

Absorption Booms

Oil Absorbent Booms are used to aid in the containment and clear up of oil spills in both water and land environments. As well as containing the substance they are also designed to absorb oil and repel water.

Disposable Absorbent Skirt Boom

They are much like oil absorbent booms, they serve to both clear up and contain oil spillages in both aquatic and land based environments.

Barracuda Oil Spill Boom

Aimed to contain oil spills and prevent further pollution. It is often used in coastal waters and river areas and is built to withstand the harsh weather conditions that occur in such environments. The Barracuda Oil Spill Boom is also effective in containing industrial chemicals, hydro chemicals and fats.

Spill Containment Mini Boom

It’s small compact size – often used by the emergency services, particularly the fire brigade and is often used to contain flooding.