The purpose of Plant Nappy’s is to restrain and capture leaks and seepages of oils and fuels under diverse external weather conditions from mobile plants. In real terms, plant nappies present a complete solution to that of drip trays in an external environment. They effectively confine oil and fuel spills from generators and site machinery, simultaneously addressing the issue of rainwater. The design allows for the collection of drips and leaks, while the side walls act as filters, permitting only pure, untainted water to escape back into the environment.

3 Sizes of Plant Nappy
The idea for the plant nappy originated from concerns regarding the safety hazards posed by traditional metal drip trays, primarily due to their weight. Moreover, these trays often caused more harm to the environment than good. When filled with oily water, they become difficult to handle, leading to careless spills.

The Plant Nappy is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

When you choose our Plant Nappy instead of traditional drip trays, you are investing in performance and longevity while actively protecting the environment. Saving time along with reduced disposal costs in also one of the benefits. The absorbent liners offer an improved solution for collecting oil and hazardous liquids and can be reused.

Compared to using drip trays underneath plants and machinery on your site, Plant Nappy presents an incredible and unique effective solution.

The Plant Nappies, available in three sizes, can be utilized outdoors and in rainy conditions to contain oil and fuel spills from site equipment.

Remember, Drip trays necessitate frequent emptying or, worse, overflow with rainwater, permitting oil and fuel to escape into the environment. They are also easily damaged.

The Plant Nappy resolves these issues by efficiently absorbing oil and other hydrocarbons while allowing rainwater to filter away harmlessly through the side walls.

Being lightweight in design, it is user-friendly and suitable for multiple tasks in all weather conditions, UV resistant, and fire retardant—the Plant Nappy ticks all the boxes.

Plant Nappies complete with liner are ready to use straight out of the box, but additional nappy liners are also available should you wish to increase absorption capacity.

The Plant Nappy’s design allows for use in rugged environments making it an obvious choice over conventional steel and plastic trays. The ability to increase absorption capacity by simply adding additional liners also adds to its attractiveness.

The mobility of the Plant Nappy over conventional trays contributes to increased functionality both logistically and performance-wise.

– Suitable for outdoor use, even in wet and rainy conditions.
– Effectively contains spills from generators and other site machinery.
– Its unique design makes it Ideal for rugged conditions on construction sites or situations where compromised machinery may need to be left outdoors.

Small plant nappy

The small plant nappy proves to be the perfect solution when there’s a risk of small leaks and spills from equipment. Its design ensures that any drips of oil or fuel are captured within the base structure. Meanwhile, rainwater or any other water source falling onto the mat is allowed to escape through the side walls after being filtered out of contaminants.

The mat’s base is composed of a non-permeable fabric laminated with an oil-soaking felt, with a permeable top fabric enabling the free flow of contaminants.

Similarly, the side wall consists of permeable fabric, incorporating a self-standing and recovery structure made from a distinct type of felt with specific properties. This structure facilitates the passage of water while still retaining any residue of contaminants.

We highly recommend using nappy liners with your plant nappy right from the start to enhance its capacity and prolong its lifespan. The liner fits neatly onto the base of the Plant Nappy and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. If you wish to clean and reuse the liner, simply remove it from the Plant Nappy, squeeze out the oil into a suitable receptacle for safe disposal, and then place it back into the Plant Nappy.

Medium plant nappy:

Designed to be positioned beneath site equipment and machinery, the medium plant nappy effectively contains any fuel and oil spills within its base while allowing clean water to escape. Its robust construction enables it to withstand all types of weather conditions. The mat can be placed on uneven or slightly inclined surfaces without any loss of performance. Moreover, the cushioned, non-slip surface on the base prevents machinery from moving. With its lightweight and fully portable design, it can be easily transported around the site. In adverse weather conditions, the four securing tabs can be used in conjunction with pegs to firmly secure the mats. Any oil or fuel is contained within the base, allowing clean and uncontaminated water to pass through the side walls into the surrounding ground. To extend the lifespan of the nappy, we always recommend using a liner.

Large plant nappy:

The large plant nappy is a temporary and portable absorbent mat specifically designed to be placed beneath site equipment to effectively absorb and contain all oil and fuel spills. It converts oil and fuels into a solid mass and retains them within the mat. As it is used, a visual color change indicates when the mat is approaching its maximum absorbency capacity, accompanied by a more rigid texture. Constructed with durability in mind, it is resistant to punctures and tears. Despite its large size, it remains lightweight, and the lifting loops facilitate easy placement and retrieval of the mat after use. It can be used independently or in conjunction with a PlantNappy to provide the ultimate protection.

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